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Puppies Available!

Heloooo, everyone!! We have puppies available for reservation (and to go home!). I have several litters to update you guys on, but I'm going to start with Prima's and save our other two litters for another time. Here's a pic of this cute little guy to start you off:

black male labrador sitting on a colorful chair outside
Mr Orange, a black male, is available from this litter!

Guys, our Prima and Louie litter is incredible. If you haven't read up on these pups and their parents, you can meet the litter here! From the minute they were born I knew they were going to be something special! Prima is our chunky, stocky, quintessential English Labrador. She has an amazing temperament and is just all around one of our favorite dogs. I mean, look at this chunk of a girl!

Beautiful black English Lab standing in a field
Prima, the dam

She has produced some of our very favorite puppies, with super chunky, stocky bodies and incredibly calm temperaments.

Just listen to this!

I took these puppies to the vet last week, and they just did absolutely amazing, so I have to brag on them a little bit. We loaded them up in the back of our car (yes, these pups get to have several car rides before going home, so they are exposed to that motion, noise, and environment) and they did not make one peep all the way to the vet. We unloaded the crate into the vet's office, where they patiently waited their turn to be taken out and examined by our vet. Not one sound escaped the kennel but a gentle snore every once in a while. They didn't rush to escape every time I opened the door to the crate to put one puppy in and grab another. No, they simply sat there sweetly, waiting for their turn to be let out. SO CHILL, you guys! Not to mention letting the vet poke and probe without protest or complaint. They were then quiet and still the entire drive back home. They just did amazing, and I was so proud of them! That is their mama's temperament, 100%.

black english male labrador
Mr Brown is available!

Oh by the way, yes! Their vet check was completely healthy, and they were given the all clear to head to their new homes! That means that if you are interested in our few remaining puppies from this litter, they are given the all clear to go home TODAY! I still have just two black males still available. Contact us today if you are interested in one of these babies!

Two adorable black english lab male puppies sitting on the porch
Beautiful black English Lab

Looking for a black female? Check out our Ginny and Louie litter! (More on them next time) And of course, we have our gorgeous fox red litter from Reba.

Interested in more info on our pups? Check out our blog!

Feel free to text or call us at 970-628-3255 or email us at We can't wait to hear from you!

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