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Even though we are located in Tennessee, we have Happiest Labrador families all over the US! Due to our phenomenal transportation team, hand delivery anywhere in the United States is possible, convenient and stress free. Here is some info about how it all works.

Some of our Happiest Labrador families with their new pup on gotcha day!


  • We live out in the beautiful country of Tennessee and are pretty far from most major cities, so we offer delivery within two hours of our location completely free! 

  • If you are live within two hours of us, we can deliver directly to your home. If you live further out than that, we are happy to meet partway. Before you reserve your puppy, let us know your location and we will discuss transportation options with you!


  • We know that driving isn't always an option, whether due to busy schedules or the distance being just too far for our friends in the midwest or east coast! We hadn't been breeding for very long before we knew we had to come up with a solution for the distance problem. And we did! 

  • We have an amazing transportation team that we have been working with for years now. They are highly competent, easy to work with, and great at their job. If you aren't meeting us personally, you're meeting a member of this team who loves dogs and has been working with them for years. 

  • On delivery day, your puppy is driven down to the airport where we meet their new caretaker for the day. The puppy is entrusted to their safe keeping, and is at their side for the remainder of the journey. Our pups are never flown cargo, and fly in-cabin with the nanny. The pup goes in a puppy carrier under the seat in front of the nanny and is in their constant care until placed in your arms! The nanny will fly into your nearest major airport where you will meet them for pickup.

  • This is safe, convenient, and stress free - for both you and your puppy! This is an additional $650, and includes the plane ticket, the airline pet fee, and the nanny fee. 


Just ask!

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