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Ginny and Louie
One male still available
Ready to go home TODAY, March 2023

Our first litter of English Labradors from Ginny, hooray! Although Ginny is yellow, and Louie is chocolate, we have three beautiful black puppies from this litter. Isn't it crazy how genetics work? Ginny is being just the best mama taking care of her pups, and they are getting chubbier and healthier by the day! The boys outnumber the girls in this litter two to one, but the little girl can hold her own against her brothers! These pups are already showing signs of being true English Labs. You can tell by their chunky heads, stocky bodies, and thick tails. 

Ginny is our import yellow English girl from Ukraine, daughter of the famous stud, Glen Turner for Clear Passion of Labgold, an international champion and well recognized stud in the Labrador world! She's passed on these phenomenal genetics to her pups, so these guys are going to be incredible. The stud is of course our amazing boy Louie, who has produced so many fabulous litters for us and lends his good looks and personality to all his pups. Contact us today if you are interested in one of these beautiful English Lab pups.

Ginny's puppies will be ready to go to their new homes on March 9th. We are located in central Tennessee where you are welcome to pick up your puppy in person. However, we are more than happy to discuss meeting up with you if you are within a few hours distance of us! If you are not within driving distance, we have a wonderful transportation team that can arrange for your pup to be flown to your nearest major airport. Our pups are NEVER flown cargo, and are only flown in-cabin with either us or a puppy nanny until placed directly into your arms at the airport.


All Happiest Labrador pups go home with a health guarantee - vet checked, dewormed, and vaccinated with standard vaccines.

Ready to move forward on a pup? Have more questions? Contact us! We would LOVE to chat with you!

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