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Reba and Mahomes
Males and females available
Ready to go home March 26th

We are so incredibly proud to announce that we have added fox red English Labradors to our program! This is a dream  come true for us, and something we have wanted to do since we began breeding. It took an enormous lot of time and effort to find the perfect red Labs to add to our program. We do not only focus on color here at The Happiest Labrador. Health, temperament, quality, and good lineage are equally, if not more, important to us than color. Fox red is a difficult shade (yes, shade. Fox red is technically not a separate color from the traditional black, yellow, and chocolate Labrador colors, but only a deeper shade of yellow) to find in the Labrador breed, so many breeders pair any red Labs they can get their hands on, and this results in puppies with poor lineage and health. We took our time finding the perfect red English Labradors for our program with the build, temperament, lineage, AND coloring we were looking for. We think we have finally found this in Reba, and are SO excited to announce her first litter with us! 


Once her puppies arrived, we knew we'd made the right choice! Oh MY, these babies are beautiful! They have that gorgeous deep red coloring, just like their mom and dad. Our photos are not oversaturated. Nope, that is the puppies' actual, real life coloring. They are absolutely incredible and we just can't stop fawning over them, peeking at them throughout the day, shocked at what perfect little pups they are. And Reba gave us ELEVEN of these guys! That's right, eleven fox red English Labradors with the most beautiful coats you have ever seen. Well let's just say we've never been more thrilled. We have both males and females available from this litter, although we might not be able to resist keeping one or two for ourselves.

Reba is a stunning fox red English Lab with the sweetest, most mellow temperament. She stayed in the house with us for her entire pregnancy, waddling around the kitchen, still trying to run after her favorite balls, sitting at our feet while we watched a movie. She is such a great family dog. And we found the perfect stud to breed her to. Mahomes is the incredible Fox red stud owned by Red Diamond Labs. Only two fox red Labradors have ever won the AKC Grand Champion title, and Mahomes is the son of the second one. The deep red Labradors aren’t always as favorable to judges in the show ring, so a Grand Champion win is extremely rare for this color! We were thrilled to be able to have a litter of ALL fox reds without sacrificing quality or conformation. 

Well, we could go on and on about this litter, but if you are thinking about reserving one of these pups, DON'T WAIT! They won't be available for long! 

Reba's puppies will be ready to go to their new homes on March 26th. We are located in central Tennessee where you are welcome to pick up your puppy in person. However, we are more than happy to discuss meeting up with you if you are within a few hours distance of us! If you are not within driving distance, we have a wonderful transportation team that can arrange for your pup to be flown to your nearest major airport. Our pups are NEVER flown cargo, and are only flown in-cabin with either us or a puppy nanny until placed directly into your arms at the airport.


All Happiest Labrador pups go home with a health guarantee - vet checked, dewormed, and vaccinated with standard vaccines.

Ready to move forward on a pup? Have more questions? Contact us! We would LOVE to chat with you!

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