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We don't always have puppies available, and even if we do, we may not have the gender or color of Labrador you are looking for. If this is the case, you will want to join our waitlist for a future litter! We have people joining our waitlist all the time, and adding your name to the list is the best path towards your perfect future Happiest Labrador puppy.

Be offered new puppies before the general public.

Get personal updates when new litters have arrived.

Stay on as long as you need until we have the perfect puppy for you.

Don't lose your spot in line if a certain puppy doesn't work for you.

Get a full refund if we are unable to offer you a puppy of your chosen gender and color within a year.

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What are the benefits of joining the waitlist?


  • We require a $350 deposit and the signing of our Deposit Agreement to join our waitlist. You will also need to select what color and gender Lab you are looking for (you can choose multiple.) We like to have a general idea of the color and gender you are wanting but you are welcome to change your preferences later on. Please alert us as soon as possible if you want to change your selection. The more flexible you are on these details the sooner we will be able to offer you a puppy!

  • This deposit will hold your place in line until we are able to offer you exactly the type of Labrador you are looking for! Spots in line are reserved in the order deposits are received.

  • Your $350 deposit is the first payment toward the total purchase price of your limited AKC registration puppy. The price of each litter will be determined once the puppies arrive, as coloring often cannot be determined before of birth.

  • Please note: Limited AKC registration means means your puppy is purchased as a pet only, and permission to breed the puppy is not given. If you are interested in breeding rights, please let us know before you place a deposit so that we can discuss further. 

  • Due to the nature of breeding, there is NO guarantee that we will be able to offer you the type of Lab you are looking for within a given period of time, even though this is of course our goal. If we are unable to offer you a Labrador of your chosen gender and color within a year of you placing your deposit, you will be eligible for a complete refund.

  • However, if we are able to produce and offer you a puppy of your desired color and gender within a year of you placing your deposit, but you decline to take the puppy due to the parents of the litter, the pricing, timing, or other personal matters, you will ineligible to receive a refund when the year expires. 

  • Even if a year has expired, you can still keep your spot on our waitlist for as long as you would like, until we have the perfect Labrador puppy for you!

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  • Once a litter is born, there will be approximately a two week period to ensure the health and stability of our fragile babies before notifying our waitlist. Once the puppies are stable and we know exactly what colors and genders are available, families on our waitlist will receive details related to the litter such as who the parents are, the colors and genders of the puppies, and the price. You will ONLY be notified of a litter if we have your selected colors and genders available. First Pick will be notified of these details first, and will have the option to take their deposit off of the waitlist and move it towards the litter being offered, or - if the litter does not line up with their preferred color, gender, parent preferences, or timing - to keep their spot in line and wait for a future litter. Families will have no more than 24 hours to make this decision once notified.

  • For example, if we have a litter of fox red puppies, and there are only three puppies available in a litter, only the top three people on the waitlist looking for a fox red will be notified of availability. If you are not looking for a fox red, you will not be notified. If one of these three decide to pass on a litter, the fourth person on the waitlist for a fox red will then be notified and so on. Passing on a litter DOES NOT bump you to the bottom of the waitlist. You will maintain your place in line until you choose to move your deposit from the waitlist over to a chosen litter.

  • Please note: In each litter, we reserve the right to keep back a puppy or puppies for our program. This means that there is a possibility that a puppy or several puppies from each litter will be spoken for before they are offered to the waitlist. We will keep everyone on our reservation list apprised of these details to give people as much notice as possible.

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  • Once we have the perfect litter for you, we require an additional $350 to move your deposit off the waitlist make your choice permanent.  We will also have you sign our Purchase Contract, Deposit Agreement, and Health Guarantee to make your litter reservation official! 

  • From then on, everything will proceed as normal. For more info about puppy selection, delivery, payment options, and what your puppy comes with - check out our FAQ below!


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