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We are so happy we found Catharine and The Happiest Labrador. Our Bentley never stops wagging her tail. She loves being around people of all ages and other dogs. Catharine kept us informed during the entire process and all of the AKC information matched up perfectly. Our vet even asked who our breeder was as he said she was a “very heathy and happy puppy.”

-Mike and Kyle


FIVE STARS - I could not recommend Catharine and The Happiest Labrador more! After doing extensive research of breeders in the area, I know I made the best decision. Griz (chocolate male from rosie x manny liter 2020) is the best dog I've ever had, and I will definitely be going back in the future because my biggest regret was not getting two from that liter. He's laid back, sassy, loving, goofy and just gorgeous. I get compliments everywhere I go about his amazing personality. If you are looking for a breeder that has a genuine care for her puppies, pick The Happiest Labrador. I will cherish the professional photos they sent me from his 1st day born and every week from then on. It's not usual to find a breeder that connects you to your pup at such an early stage.



We feel very blessed to have found The Happiest Labrador in our search for a labrador retriever puppy. Catharine was always available for any questions we had. She would send pictures and keep us updated on how the puppies were doing. She was absolutely wonderful through the entire process! As for Blaze, he is a bundle of joy. He is now a healthy five month old and is the perfect addition to our family! He is beautiful, loving, very energetic, and loves to play outside. On his first vet appointment, the veterinarians were so impressed with his appearance and behavior. They wanted to take him home. We could not be happier.

-The Jerger Family


There are no words to express how happy I am to have found this breeder. I brought my beautiful sweet girl home a little over a year ago and she has been nothing short of amazing. The name of this breeder says it all because I certainly do have the happiest lab. Her temperament and love for people makes her perfect. I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for the perfect dog.



I got Maggie (then named espresso) from happiest Labrador in the fall of 2019. I knew from photos of her as a newborn that she was meant to be my companion. Her puppyhood was one of the easiest I’ve experienced. Her temperament and mannerisms were so mellow and calm and weren’t high strung like the American labs, which is what I wanted. She’s just the sweetest girl and I’m so blessed to have come across happiest Labrador and gain a best friend.



Ember is doing great she has been perfect honestly, she is the sweetest and best dog. She loves kittens, kids, and any animal she meets. She’s very spoiled and gets to go to work with me everyday and is the office baby. I get compliments on her regularly and she is loved by everyone that meets her.



Our sweet Rosie is named after her mama. She is the perfect family dog, and a wonderful companion for our three girls.  I have always said that labs are the best around young kids, and Rosie is no exception!  She is both calm and lively, fun but not too rambunctious.  Her happy place is exploring in the mountains, and she is the most well-behaved dog off leash that we have ever had.  We are so thankful to Happiest Labrador for being Rosie into our family!



Sota is a big boy & very happy! He’s amazing & we love him so much!!! He’s smart and extremely sweet! Everywhere we go we get compliments on him! From his looks to his temperament! We truly couldn’t ask for a better dog for our family! He loves everyone he sees & kids too!! He’s amazing! So thankful for a wonderful friendly dog!



I picked up my chocolate lab pup on June 12th, and thought you guys might appreciate an update - This is Talulah (or Ms. Green) and she has the biggest, sassiest personality. She thinks she’s much bigger than she is, and only likes playing with bigger dogs - and is very food driven :) She’s hungry 24/7! She’s been the best addition to our family and she’ll be making the move to Scottsdale, Arizona, with us in a few months! She loves sitting on the patio at restaurants with us, swimming, and hiking, and playing with other dogs as well! We can’t believe how dark she is compared to other chocolate labs we’ve been around!! I’m so thankful she’s mine.



Wilson (nickname Meatball) has brought so much joy to our lives. He's 19.5 pounds. Healthy as a horse. House broken for 2 weeks. Best student at obedience training. You really brought joy to our family. Thank you. 


Receiving updates from the families who have taken our beautiful babies into their home is one of the most rewarding things about what we do. We LOVE hearing that your Lab is happy and doing well, and seeing the families love their baby as much as we did when it was with us makes everything we do worth it. Want to see what people think of THEIR Happiest Lab? Read below!

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