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Puppies due November 5th!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Happy day! Wonderful news! The very best kind! Sweet baby puppies are on the way!

Rosie's pups had just gone home, and we were trying to get rid of the lack-of-puppies blues (this is a professional term) when we got the good news - Maisie and Tom, two of our gorgeous black Labs, were expecting! You can just guess how excited we were to hear the news! It's always easier to let the previous puppies that you've gotten so attached to go home when you know there are new ones on the way that will most likely be at least as sweet and cute as the last ones, if not more so.

Maisie is due November 5th, so these puppies should be showing their faces any day now! We are getting everything prepared for new pups, and doing our best to make sure Maisie is comfortable and ready when she goes into labor.

Maisie and Tom should have roughly a 75 percent black, 25 percent chocolate litter. Isn't it funny how two black Labs can have chocolate puppies? The science behind that is actually extremely interesting if you ever care to look into it! The numbers don't always work out that precisely, but we are expecting something along those lines.

Deposit slots are limited, and we are taking just two more reservations on the males before the litter is born. Once the puppies are born and we know exactly what we have available, we will most likely have a few more females available as well. We'll just have to see! But not knowing what color or how many boys and girls you'll end up with is part of the excitement! Once the puppies are born, we expect them to find their new homes very quickly, if you are interested, get in touch with us soon!

Check back here soon for pictures of the new arrivals! Can't wait!



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