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New Puppies Expected

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Our dear, sweet Maisie is expecting puppies any day now! We haven't had any puppies in the house since Tom and Rosie's last litter went home last year, so we are so looking forward to having the little babies in our home again.

Maisie is due this very Saturday, March 30th. Of course, dogs do not always deliver on their exact due date, but we are definitely expecting puppies any day now! Maisie is looking quite big and uncomfortable, and we're looking forward to her being quite happy and herself again.

We did a radiograph on her on March 25th, and the vet saw so many pups that she couldn't give us an exact count of them all! However, she said there were at least nine, and possibly ten or eleven.We're so thrilled at the idea of so many little babies in the house.

We'll be watching Maisie very closely, and taking her temperature very often to make sure we're ready and watching when she goes into labor. Dogs generally deliver at night, when it is dark and quiet and they feel safe and calm. Delivery night is definitely long and sleepless, for Maisie as well as for us, but it is all worth it when at the end of it we have a litter of sweet, tiny puppies in our midst.

While we are all eagerly awaiting the puppies, we'll leave you with a picture of Maisie before she got huge! And with Maisie's radiograph. How many babies do YOU see?

Maisie, just before we found out she was pregnant

Maisie's X-Ray

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