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More puppy pics!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Tom and Rosie's litter is six days old now. Puppies are doing fabulous, squawking, sleeping and eating. We are getting them plenty of attention so that they will be friendlier for you and used to people. (Uh, right, yeah, that's the only reason why we are holding them so much. Couldn't be because we can't let more than a few minutes without resisting the urge to give them a little cuddle....not at all....)

There is science behind this, in fact. Even in the early days, when their eyes haven't even opened yet, the puppies are getting used to noises and stimuli that they will be exposed to the rest of their lives. We keep the puppies close by in our homes so that interacting with people will be the norm, and not something they are afraid of or have to get used to. As well, especially as they grow older, we will make sure they are exposed to all ages of people, both men and women, people wearing, hats, hoodies, and sunglasses (yes, that can be a thing that can startle a puppy if he's never seen those things before). Early habits establish good patterns in a puppy's socialization. Of course, when you bring your new puppy home, the task will fall to you to continue healthy patterns. Puppy classes are a great way for your new baby to meet other dogs and people in a safe environment. The more interaction the better! Walks, visitors, parks, and lots and lots of time with his new family will ensure your puppy will grow up with a solid and steady temperament.

Our two chocolate boys

Three chocolate girls!

Our two little black female "twins" (they are the smallest and have continued to weigh the same as each other at daily weigh-ins)

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