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What will your puppy go home with? 


  • Your new puppy will go home vet checked, dewormed, and up to date on all of their vaccinations. We will send your puppy home with a copy of their official vet record, as well as their vaccination and deworming record that we keep ourselves. 

  • You will also receive the necessary paperwork to register your pup with the AKC. We will have registered the litter already, but you will then need to register your own individual puppy, choose their name, and add your personal information. 

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Lola - Dark Yellow Female-2.jpg


  • Our most common puppy request is for a blanket with the littermate's scent to make the transition as easy as possible for the puppy. We do this too! You'll get a sweet little puppy blanket that many of our dogs love for years to come. 

  • We also send all of our pups home with their favorite toy, a ball that most Labs find hard to destruct and the puppies love because they can get their little teeth in the holes and actually pick it up! ​​


  • The transition to a new home is the most stressful period in a puppy's life as they go to a completely new environment, meet new people, and are separated from their littermates for the first time. In puppies, just like in humans, this can cause tummy troubles within the first week or so of going home. This is very common, but we do everything we can to help with this in our go home kit!

  • First we include soft pumpkin in our puppy package. Our dogs and puppies love this, and is the first thing our vet recommends any time our dogs are having diarrhea, etc. It's full of probiotics and yummy to boot!

  • Second, we provide five days worth of actual powdered probiotics. Sprinkle a package of this on one meal per day for those first five days. This helps fight any gut issues the pups might run into. 

Lola - Dark Yellow Female-2.jpg
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