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Louie and Prima EXPECTING!!

Hello friends! It’s been a while!

I am hopping on here to give you all an update on our upcoming litter of chocolate and black English Labrador pups coming December 30th - pregnancy confirmed on Friday the 2nd!


Our reliable, and handsome stud! He hasn’t let us down yet, consistently producing adorable, and sturdy pups! We love his large head, fun personality, dark dark chocolate coat, and beaver tail.

Pictured below are a few of his pups that have now found their forever homes! But I need you to take a look at how good a job he did…

Yes I know you cannot get over the chocolatey puppy goodness, We can’t either!

I‘ll tell you the good news now! The litter above was from Louie and our girl Fiji who gave us an completely chocolate litter. But we are so excited because from Louie and Prima we are expecting some shiny BLACK English Lab puppies as well as chocolates!! The more colors the better in our opinion.


A shining, glistening, hunk of a dog!

Prima‘s temperament has won my heart over time and time again! Her favorite thing to do is sit at your feet and be petted. However, she will be content to wait patiently by your side and not pester until you have the time to give her ears a loving scratch. She will then proceed to melt with happiness, once said scratch is given, because your hands have just granted her the thing she loves most! Human affection.

Prima is incredibly stocky. A blocky head sits on her broad shoulders, and a thick beaver tail finishes her off! We‘re SO ready for some more wrinkly chunky puppies from our favorite girl.

Louie and Prima’s puppies will be AKC registered. If interested in full AKC registration, just reach out to us and we can discuss! We are happy to chat about any questions or concerns you might have before make the big decision. We love talking to you, and handing out any helpful information!

We have a waiting list that anyone is able to get their name on to wait for their perfect puppy! This litter is supposed to be chocolate and black, male and female! However, since we don’t have control of the outcome of our litters, it is still a 50/50 chance whether or not we’ll get blacks, chocolates, males, or females! So if the exact color and gender of pup for you does not come from THIS particular breeding, no worries. You can save your spot on the waiting list, but just will be bumped to an upcoming litter, and so on and so forth, until you get your desired puppy!

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