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Introducing Fox Reds

Here at The Happiest Labrador, we are proud to announce that we are adding fox red English Labradors to our program! It is a dream we’ve longed to come true since we began breeding.

The English Labrador, in any color, is just about the perfect dog. We love the shiny coat of the black, the rich color of the chocolate, and the golden wheat color of the yellow! For those of you who have not seen a fox red before, let me introduce you. Red labs are actually genetically the same as yellow labs! They are just a very “dark” shade of yellow! Completely pure bred for that dark tone! So cool, right? Pictured below is the dam, Reba, and sire, Mahomes, of our litter due THIS month!! Yes, you heard it my friend, pregnancy was confirmed, and pups are on the way!!

Our girl, Reba❤️

The sire, Mahomes😎

We are opening our waitlist NOW! Contact us for more info on this amazing litter!!!

Email us:


IG/FB : happiestlabrador

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