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Tom and Rosie's Puppies

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

We welcomed 7 beautiful English Labrador puppies to the world on October 22, two black (both females) and five chocolate (two males and three females). We are accepting deposits for this litter now- please contact me if you are interested in welcoming one of these beautiful puppies into your home. We honestly can't imagine a better dog for a companion than an English Labrador!

English Labradors vary from American Labrados in a few different ways: they generally have a slightly stockier body, thicker coat, and wider "otter" tail (the ever-wagging English Labrador tail is SO CUTE!). English Labradors also have a wider, "blockier" head and muzzle that most people LOVE. The biggest difference, and most important one to me, is that typically, English Labs are much more calm than the more driven and hyper American counter-part. If you love a goofy companion that will love flopping beside you on the couch at the end of the day, then one of our puppies may be for you! Both American and English Labradors LOVE water, and LOOOOOOVE to retrieve. If the ball's out, they could go all day. Its amazing to watch these beautiful dogs take to the water like a duck water!

The puppies, 2 days old!

This is our boy Tom!

Sweet and beautiful Rosie! She is a wonderful mother!

Puppy #1, Chocolate Girl

Puppy #2 Chocolate Boy

Puppy #3 Chocolate Girl

Puppy #4 Chocolate Girl

Puppy #5 Black girl

Puppy #6 Chocolate Boy

Puppy #7 Black Girl

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