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Prima and Tom Litter
All Puppies Reserved!

Oh my we are in love with this litter. We have just three babies from Prima and Tom, one female and two males, but that just means all the more milk and nutrients for these little pups, making them grow up big and strong. These puppies are STOCKY, glossy, a beautiful black color, have big heads, and thick tails. They are true English Labradors. Prima and Tom are an unmatched pairing. In fact, we kept a pup from one of their past litters, and he is just now old enough this year to join our program! (Stay tuned for more details on that.) He is an incredible pup, perhaps even showing up his dad. This litter of puppies is going to be sweet, stocky, and absolutely stunning. Contact us TODAY before these guys are snatched up!!

Prima is one of our FAVORITE girls. She's about 65 lbs, has an incredibly stocky body, a wide head, and a thick, otter tail. She's friendly with everyone, her family and strangers, and does great with other dogs. Not a mean bone in her body, as they say! Both Prima's mom and dad are champions, and she is a perfect example of the breed.   

Tom was the very first sire we ever added to our program here at The Happiest Labrador, and he is still excellent at his job. Tom is adored by everyone. He has his special friend, but is friendly with the whole family, and anyone outside it as well! He LOVES the ball, LOVES the water, and just has tons of energy and fun in him. He is the perfect Labrador Retriever!

Prima's pups will be ready to go to their new homes at the end of September! We are located in central Tennessee where you are welcome to pick up your puppy in person. However, we are more than happy to discuss meeting up with you if you are within a few hours distance of us! If you are not within driving distance, we have a wonderful transportation team that can arrange for your pup to be flown to your nearest major airport. Our pups are NEVER flown cargo, and are only flown in-cabin with either us or a puppy nanny until placed directly into your arms at the airport.


All Happiest Labrador pups go home with a health guarantee - vet checked, dewormed, and vaccinated with standard vaccines.

Ready to move forward on a pup? Have more questions? Contact us! We would LOVE to chat with you!

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