We don't like to boast, but we're pretty sure we have some of the most beautiful English Labrador girls you can find. Don't believe us? Scroll through the photos below!



Please meet Annie, (Almaznaya Rossup Uslada), our import girl from Kazhakstan, with an incredible pedigree of beautiful Labradors, including her champion father, Lad Brilind Tiger Heart. We absolutely adore her! She is a beautiful chocolate brown color and has a thick, glorious coat. She has the perfect, thick "otter" tail (a hallmark of an English Lab) that never stops wagging because she is just so happy to be around people. Her liquid brown eyes are always gazing adoringly at everyone she meets, kids and grown-ups alike, and is friendly and loving to everyone. Annie's demeanor is calm and gentle. She is an easygoing and eager to please girl. On top of her beautiful disposition, Annie is very easy on the eyes as well! She is a perfectly proportioned example of an English Lab, with lovely, thick structure, a gorgeous, wide head, perfect earset, and perfect expression. She weighs around 70 pounds. In short, Annie really has it all and we are so thrilled to have her in  our breeding program.



Almaznaya Rossup Prima, call name "Prima", is our chocolate carrying black girl. Prima is such a fun girl who adores belly rubs and takes all the loving she can possibly get! She is a very gentle and relaxed girl who loves people of all ages- really, she has never met a stranger! She makes friends with everyone she meets. Prima is a stunning, compact and well put together girl, complete with a beautiful, non-stop wagging tail! We love her wide head and her eager and beautiful expression, her nice wide muzzle, and her friendly floppy ears. Both Prima's mom and dad are champions, and she is a perfect example of the breed. She is a beautiful head-turner, and is everything we could ask for in an English Labrador! Prima is medium sized dog, weighing around 65 pounds.



Kendystyle Wasabi "Kendy" hails from the world famous "Kendy-style" lines, originating from Ukraine! Kendy has an absolutely amazing pedigree, with some of our favorite Labradors. Her father, La Casa De Maria Jason Kris, is titled to the max, including BOB 11 times. Her mom is the famous Kendystyke V.I.P., Junior champion of Ukraine, among many other titles. We knew when we saw pictures of little Kendy as a puppy that we needed her for our program, and she has not disappointed us! Kendy is slightly longer in leg and a more athletic build than some other English labs you might see. She is very energetic and eager to play! She loves going for her ball and puts the "retrieve" into retriever! Kendy loves people and is very happy and friendly, at all times ,without exception! We are so proud to have this chocolate girl and can't wait to see what she adds to our program down the road!



Fiji is our beautiful chocolate female import from Ukraine. She is the daughter of famous world champion Rain River His Majesty, whose titles and accolades go on and on! We are so thankful and fortunate to get a beautiful female from him.

Fiji lives up to our expectations, and more! She is a delightful girl with a fun and playful personality. She loves kids, playing ball, and going for walks. She doesn’t like to leave our side, and is always up for play!

Fiji has a gorgeous chocolate coat and is a very balanced and well put together. She has a nice English type head and beautiful and athletic body. She has the classic, non stop, wagging, thick otter tail! She is so much fun to be around. We are so excited to have beautiful puppies from this girl!



Our sweet Rosie, Chocolate English Labrador Retriever. Rosie was our first ever Chocolate Lab, and the girl who started it all. Rosie is a Ukrainian import born of champion, health certified parents, and is fully AKC registered. Her thoughtful expression and beautiful face and eyes grab attention everywhere she goes. Didn't think "calm" was an adjective to describe a Lab? Then you've never met Rosie!

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